Oliver’s Diagnosis

OliverWe wanted to let you know what is going on with our handsome little boy. This month, Oliver was diagnosed with lymphoma in his gastrointestinal tract. Although the news is sad, this particular cancer can be treated, and many cats live a long and happy life, despite the disease. Our Oncology team is working to keep him as healthy as possible.

Oliver came to us on June 5th, 2013 as a 2-month-old kitten who was found in Mercerville. When he arrived, the staff immediately fell in love with him. He was sweet but had ear mites, a skin infection, and respiratory issues. We did not have a hospital cat at the time, our last hospital cat had recently passed. He had a polyp removed, recovered from that, and quickly took to his new home.

On May 1st of this year, he was found to be losing weight. An abdominal ultrasound revealed enlarged lymph nodes in his abdomen. On May 7th, he had an abdominal exploratory surgery to get biopsies of his gastrointestinal tract and lymph nodes. Histopathology returned as small cell gastrointestinal lymphoma. This is a slowly progressive disease that has a good prognosis with oral chemotherapy (Leukeran) and steroids (prednisolone). He was started on treatment on May 20th and has been doing well. He was also diagnosed with a respiratory infection for which he is getting treatment with an antibiotic.

Many of our wonderful clients have noticed that his abdomen and legs are shaved. Do not worry. Oliver is doing great and is back out in the waiting room acting completely normal.

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Jennifer Kim, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Dr. Kim grew up in New York and received her BA from the University of Pennsylvania. After two years at the National Cancer Institute performing cancer genetic research, she attended veterinary school at Tufts University. Dr. Kim completed a rotating internship at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan, New York, and an oncology internship at Cornell University. She began at NorthStar VETS as an emergency clinician in 2005 and returned in 2010 to treat oncology patients after completing her residency in medical oncology at Michigan State University School of Veterinary Medicine. In her free time, Dr. Kim is an avid foodie and knitter.

Dorothy Jackson, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology)
Originally from the South, Dr. Jackson attended Mississippi State University for her undergraduate studies and veterinary school. Following veterinary school in 2009, she completed a rotating internship at the University of Missouri followed by a specialty internship at Georgia Veterinary Specialists in Atlanta. Dr. Jackson was lucky enough to obtain both academic and private practice experience during her residency, training at the University of Pennsylvania and Veterinary Cancer Center in Connecticut. Following her residency, Dr. Jackson obtained board certification in Oncology and worked at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital for 2.5 years before joining the Northstar VETS team.

Being an Italian from the South, Dr. Jackson loves food. She loves cooking new recipes and trying new restaurants with her girlfriend…another Italian. When not traveling to new places, they enjoy their time at home with their 3 cats who keep them quite entertained.

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2 Responses to Oliver’s Diagnosis

  1. Cynthia says:

    I am so saddened to hear about what Oliver is going through. I saw him briefly the other day when I was waiting to visit my cat Baby Face who was staying at NorthStar at the time and didn’t notice anything unusual about him. I hadn’t been back to NorthStar Vets until recently, but when I was here several years ago and Oliver just a teenage cat, I remember how sweet he was…coming over to the cat carrier that held my cat, like as though he was comforting her and saying hello. Oliver is beautiful and sweet. He is in the best of hands living at NorthStar Vets and I pray for his continued strength and recovery from this horrible cancer.

  2. Lynn & Joe Russo says:

    Oliver is a great mascot for Northstar. Whenever we bring our Great Danes there for an issue, Oliver is always peeking around a corner to see them. We hope he has a speedy recovery and does well with his chemotherapy.

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