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Rehabilitation after orthopedic or neurologic surgery

If you had a knee surgery or a hip replacement, your surgeon would be sending you for post-operative physical therapy. We in the veterinary world are starting to catch up to our human counterparts…and this is a great thing for our pets! The success of a surgical procedure can be dependent on what we do for physical therapy in the post-operative period. Continue reading

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Denisse gets a glimpse of life as a Veterinarian at NorthStar VETS

Denisse, a lovely 12 year old girl in a 3 year battle with Osteosarcoma, has a dream of becoming a veterinarian. NorthStar VETS’ team turned a typical Saturday for them into a very special day for an exceptional young lady. Continue reading

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NorthStar VETS rehabilitation and pain management department

NorthStar VETS is a 24 hour specialty practice in Robbinsville, NJ. We have a fully equipped rehabilitation department staffed by 2 veterinarians with advanced training in canine rehabilitation and acupuncture. We utilize many of the same techniques and equipment used in human physical therapy centers and offer a variety of modalities. Continue reading

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What is Veterinary Rehabilitation?

Physical rehabilitation is the treatment of injury or illness to decrease pain and restore function. A rehabilitation veterinarian treats acute injuries soon after they have occurred and chronic injuries or diseases that have been affecting your pet for a long time. Rehabilitation is also important in speeding the recovery after orthopedic and neurologic surgery. Continue reading

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