Update on the Malawi Project

Liz, the Director of Villages in Partnership, just returned from a trip to Malawi, Africa, to update us on the progress our veterinary team made there and had much good news to share! The farm looks very encouraging.

The pigs are separated and at a healthy weight. All skin and bones back in March, they are now in good health and one is even pregnant!

The Angora rabbits have been culled and a short-haired breed added.

There are eight bee hives with the M’Buka Bee Keeping Club that now have bees and are expected to produce a harvest in three months. Three hives have already produced fourty liters of honey for the Chisupuli Bee Keeping Club producing much needed income for the village! One or two more bee keeping clubs will be formed in the next year.

The chickens are eating plenty of greens and roaming outside in the sunlight, while the farmers are building a storage bin for silage.


The Chief has been working with the Staubi village to get their fish pond up and running and is hoping to dig another fish pond in July.


The New Castle Vaccination program is working well in the villages now. This officer was visiting village 14 out of 20 to inoculate chickens. The people better understand the link between healthy livestock and good food for their families.

The week that this group was there, coupled with all of your donations last December, has provided abundant blessings for these villagers in Malawi that will carry them through the year!

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