A Tribute to Rob Zombie

Rob ZombieOn Sunday, June 9, 2013, we said goodbye to our beloved hospital cat, Rob Zombie. For anyone who knew him, he was a very special cat and considered a part of our NorthStar VETS family. He came to us about ten years ago after being hit by a car as a stray. We fixed him up (that’s how he came by his missing eye) and kept him as our hospital cat.

Robbie held many jobs over the years at NorthStar VETS. He worked for a long time as a blood donor helping to save lives on a regular basis. He eventually retired from that and became a greeter/entertainer in reception. This was his favorite job. Recently he was moonlighting as a grief counselor in our family room when people had to say goodbye to their pets, and he also tried his hand at working in our in-house pharmacy. Through the years, he always managed to stay active and find new ways to contribute to animal health.

A cat who knew how to enjoy life, Robbie developed a regular schedule for feedings and collecting treats from different people around the hospital. He made sure he kept in touch with everyone, and was even known for riding the elevator upstairs to visit our staff members in every department. In addition to all of the relationships he maintained with the staff, he also became a celebrity with our clients, making regular appearances on our Facebook page and schmoozing clients and their pets alike in our lobby.

We are all saddened by his passing, and know that he is still enjoying life on the far side of the rainbow bridge. Below are some things our staff had to say in response to this loss.

I just received word that Robbie (a.k.a. Rob Zombie), our hospital cat, unexpectedly needed to be euthanized tonight. He apparently suffered from a saddle thrombus. He was attended to by our doctors and surrounded by many of those who have loved and cared for him over the years.
Robbie has been a member of our NorthStar family for more than 10 years now. He has been a friend and companion to all of us and he has saved many lives with his selfless (although not without complaint!) blood donation. He has been a constant symbol of NorthStar VETS; always there.
Thank you for everything Robbie. We will miss you and never forget you.
– George Motley, VMD

I think one of the things that made him so special is that “he” made each and every one of us feel special. We all have our own memories of him and our special things we did with him. When you read the comments and listen to what others have to say it is as if he was a best friend to each of us individually. He should have been voted “Employee of the Month” many times over.
– Nancy

My darling Robbie,
My heart is broken to have had to say goodbye to you. You have been there every day of work since I started here 8 years ago. I cannot imagine work without you jingling down the hallway, biting then licking my hand while I rub your gut, waiting for your daily elevator ride to the lunchroom, finding you face first in cans of dog food, “tolerating” all your seasonal outfits. You brightened every rough day I had, along with all our coworkers and clients. You were and will always be our mascot, work will never be the same without you. I am so glad I was able to be there with you while you took your last breath. My handsome Robert, I will always love you, and never forget you. Until we meet again.

As far as words for Robbie, “He is one of a kind and will never be forgotten.”
– Beth

I’ll never forget Robbie coming up to bite my legs at 10:45 every night and scamper into in the phone room in hope of being fed every time I got up out of my seat. I always admired how brave (or just cocky) he was walking past all the large, loud dogs in the waiting room like “I’m the boss. And I’m headed to the pharmacy now to get my treats.” I know I’m going to find myself asking at 5:00 if anyone fed Robbie. He was such a perfect fit for our hospital and no kitty could ever replace him. We love you, Rob Zombie.
– Faye

My two favorite memories of Rob were a long time ago when he was young and mischievous . I was working front desk in the old hospital and noticed a lady waiting with her dog twitching. At first I thought she was ill or having a seizure, but then I realized she had very long hair and Rob was under the bench pulling on it. Needless to say, she nor her dog were pleased. The other was a little boy who asked me how we taught our cat to wink, he wanted to teach his cat to do that. I told him “next time” and his mother appreciated my response. Today I have been thinking of Rob and will miss him every time I visit.
– Charles

I’m going to miss him. He was such a part of the hospital. His personality was so unique. It made him so special.
– Nancy

To Robert,
I will never forget the first day I saw you ride the elevator to get upstairs for some food; I knew right then you were the coolest and smartest (and also possibly laziest) cat I would ever meet. I will miss opening doors for you, whether it would be to get to your food or to get in to the back so you could walk around ICU. I will miss not seeing you as a pumpkin next year on Halloween, no cat has ever looked so amazing. I will miss so much going in to the comfort room and seeing you laying there on the chair, the clients were always so sad to go in there but you made them smile, even when they were at their lowest. You brought so much joy to us each and every day and you will never be forgotten. We love you and miss you.
– Tina Batlivala, DVM

Here are a quick few memories of Robbie:

  1. He used to ride the elevator up and down, mostly to visit the office for treats and also to get a piece of cheese in the break room.
  2. He used to ride the stock room cart with Chris when Chris did inventory.
  3. He tried to fit in any box-shaped item he could find, especially the outgoing mail box.
  4. He never fully fit in the cat bed in pharmacy and would hang half way out during his naps in that room.
  5. Every morning the Oncology team was in the building, he would come to the door and sit outside until someone noticed him and take soft treats from our hands. Sometimes he would come twice and ask someone different so he would get more.
  6. He followed many different people around the building just to see what they were doing and if they were ever to get treat access, I was one of them.
  7. He was too lazy to go under or over the reception swinging doors, so we would have to open them for him.
  8. One of his favorite naps spots was on the arm chair in the family room in the afternoon sun. Some clients would allow him to stay during the euthanasia as moral support.
  9. He used to try to run and hide from very pesky children who would not leave him alone, but never swatted at any of them.
  10. He hated being in cages, and whenever it was required of him he would holler in protest almost incessantly, especially when people walked by.
    1. – Rebecca

See more stories and tributes from NorthStar VETS staff and scores of clients at our page on Facebook. And to see candid photos of Robbie from over the years submitted by our staff, visit our page on Pinterest.

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