Meet the NorthStar VETS Team: Barbara Maton, DVM, DACVECC

Barbara Maton, DVM, DACVECC is a doctor in the Emergency and Critical Care service at NorthStar VETS. In this blog post and video below, she talks about how her love of animals goes back to childhood, and how Critical Care includes many of the other specialties at NorthStar VETS.

How Dr. Maton got into Veterinary Medicine
We caught up with Dr. Maton, who was examining a patient in Robbinsville. She is a veterinarian specializing in Emergency and Critical Care medicine, and got has wanted to help children since she was a child. “On my way home from school, I would always find injured animals and bring them home to try to nurse them back to health. I enjoyed bonding with them and having them as a companion animal family member. I went to school at the University of Florida and got my veterinary degree there, and then did an internship outside of D.C. at a private practice. I found that I really enjoyed emergency medicine, even before I went to veterinary school. NorthStar VETS also had a lot of things that I found really attractive, like the fact that it’s a large hospital with a lot of different specialties, and their standard of care is what I was looking for. I knew that I’d be supported and be able to do the kind of medicine that I wanted to do here.”

Training to Become a Criticalist
To specialize in emergency medicine, doctors go through intensive training over many years. “It’s a very in-depth level of training involving everything from intensive care to overlapping with Cardiology, Neurology, and Internal Medicine. This specialty overlaps with a lot of other specialties in veterinary medicine, so the training includes diagnosis to treatment to pathophysiology and managing expectations.”

Teamwork and Collaboration is Built into NorthStar VETS
Dr. Maton and the team at NorthStar VETS work together to provide world-class care to their patients. “The great number of specialties we have allows us to work well together. We do cage-side rounds every morning and evening. We collaborate a lot to get different input on patients. From Internal Medicine to Dentistry, we all work together and collaborate well.”

Learn more about the Emergency and Critical Care service at NorthStar VETS.

Barbara Maton, DVM, DACVECCBarbara Maton, DVM, DACVECC
Dr. Maton is originally from Florida, where she earned her undergraduate degree in biology from the University of North Florida, and studied veterinary medicine at the University of Florida, obtaining her DVM in 2006. She completed a rotating internship focused on emergency medicine at SouthPaws Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Center in Virginia, then moved to Pittsburgh where she worked as an emergency veterinarian for two years and completed her residency in the specialty in 2012. After helping to start a critical care service at an established veterinary referral hospital in Delaware, she joined NorthStar VETS in 2014. Her clinical and research interests include trauma, electrolyte derangements, anticoagulant therapies and CPR medicine.

Outside of work, Dr. Maton enjoys spending time with her husband, cooking, gardening, foreign travel, running, cycling and swimming. She shares her home with a possessive bird, two cats, and a lovable mixed-breed dog.

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