Coronavirus Information from NorthStar VETS

Dear Pet Parents,
As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an evolving topic for our clients, NorthStar VETS Medical Directors have reviewed multiple health organization recommendations. First and foremost, we are monitoring and taking precautions to protect you and your pets during what the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared as a pandemic. Below is important information on ways that NorthStar VETS continues to protect our community.


  • According to the CDC, there is currently no known reason to believe that any animals, including pets in the US, can spread COVID-19.
  • The CDC always recommends following everyday preventive actions to help prevent the spread of illness.
  • As a rule, pet parents should practice good hygiene habits, including washing hands before and after handling pets/food/supplies and maintaining a clean environment

If you see any changes in your pet’s health condition, contact your family veterinarian.


  • Continuing to maintain our clean and sterile environments while taking additional precautions for the safety of our clients
    • Cleaning services/practices have been increased in high-traffic areas, and multiple hand-sanitizing stations have been
      installed throughout our hospitals.
    • Furniture, counters, floors, door handles, exam rooms, and patient treatment areas are thoroughly (and frequently) disinfected.
  • Our staff practices good hygiene by covering coughs and sneezes, not touching their faces, and not coming in close proximity to those feeling “under the weather.”
  • Management encourages sick team members to stay home to help prevent the spread of illness.


  • Having clients fill out online forms ahead of time to minimize waiting in our lobby.
  • Upon arrival, clients may call (609) 259-8300 from their vehicle to verbally check-in for their specialist consult.
  • After check-in, clients may wait in their vehicles for their scheduled appointment until our staff is ready to escort the pet to an exam room. Exceptions are made for euthanasia appointments.
  • Clients will be invoiced directly and given their pet’s prescriptions and discharge instructions.
  • As always, clients may pay their invoice on our secure online checkout.
  • Pet prescriptions may be (re)filled at our online pharmacy at
  • Meetings/lectures/tours have been cancelled and we’ve implemented a strict, corporate “no-handshake” policy.

We know that anxious clients have scheduled appointments with our veterinary specialists, and we are happy to discuss your concerns by contacting (609) 259-8300. Please know that NorthStar VETS remains steadfast and confident in our ability to navigate this uncertain period and are doing all we can to protect you, your pets and our employees.

Daniel Stobie, DVM, MS, DACVS, Chief of Staff
Kimberly Hammer, VMD, DACVIM, Medical Director, Robbinsville
Stacey Rebello, DVM, MS, Director of Emergency Services
Nancy Vail, DVM, Medical Director, Maple Shade
Benjamin Donati, VMD, Medical Director, Brick

NOTE: Additional resources may be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) websites.

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One Response to Coronavirus Information from NorthStar VETS

  1. Michelle H Hunt says:

    Oakley has an appointment at 1:45 today. Notes for Dr. Vyganttas.
    Some changes.
    1. He has trouble finding 1″x1″ treats right in front of him. No problem with larger objects or seeing farther out.
    2. Peripheral vision seems to have narrowed slowly over the last several months.

    Eye medications: Tacrolimus 0.03% twice a day both eyes
    Ketorolac 0.5% in both eyes once every other day.
    Sorry about the lack of grooming. The groomer has been closed.

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