Burlington County CART names NorthStar VETS as designated veterinary emergency care facility

This just in from the Burlington County Animal Response Team:

“In response to the tropical storm Sandy potentially affecting the NJ area, the Burlington County Animal Response Team (CART) has been notified of an expected pet-friendly emergency evacuation center to open Monday, October 29, 2012 at the location named below. CART is equipped to provide temporary shelter and basic first aid to animals at this location.

If the need arises, the Burlington CART will refer any emergent care cases to NorthStar VETS from its evacuation center. For more information including evacuation preparedness with your pet, please see the CART Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/BurlingtonCountyAnimalResponseTeamcart

The address is: Fountain of LIFE

2035 Columbus Road

Burlington Township, NJ 08016

Shelter will open at 8am Monday October 29, 2012.”

The above information comes from Dr. Rebecca Boncheck, Deputy Veterinarian for the New Jersey Disaster Response Team. NorthStar VETS has been identified as the closest 24 hour, emergency veterinary facility to this shelter and will be their first line in handling illness and injuries that the shelter is not equipped to handle. Also, NorthStar VETS is the designated location for overflow of this facility in the event that the volume of pets requiring shelter exceeds their capacity. In addition, NorthStar VETS is prepared to board any pets from other veterinary practices or the general public in need of shelter as well.

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