Saving a dog in NJ

My name is Eileen Schuck and I am a technician at NorthStar Vets as well as Director of  Vet-i-Care a non-profit foundation that gives financial assistance to families that cannot afford emergency or specialty care for there beloved pet.  The alarming news is that over 120,000 pets are euthanized and forfeited in the US every year due to economic reasons.  Thousands of those euthanasia’s happen because families cannot specifically afford emergency and specialty care to save their pet.  Having learned about those staggering numbers alone was upsetting, but seeing families struggling to save their beloved family member first hand at our hospital fueled my passion to forward the Vet-i-Care Foundation to success!  Now being the director of Vet-i-care I can actively be part of saving a pet that otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance, and as you will learn Vet-i-Care is all about second Chance’s.

In May of 2010 a really great person decided to rescue a 9 month old Pit bull mix from some gang members in a nearby town. By negotiating and handing over some money the gang members relinquished the broken puppy to this good Samaritan.  “Chance” was nameless, broken and starving then.  Unfortunately, as it turned out TLC, food and shelter weren’t going to be enough for this little guy. This new baby had a serious fracture that needed surgical intervention. The sad part is that it was going to cost a great deal of money to fix him.  His new dad, Patrick Brick had a big heart but is a college student with a limited amount of funds.  Pat worked hard and saved every penny for Chance’s much needed surgery but time was of the essence.  He turned to Vet-i-Care with one wish; to help Chance get well. His wish was “granted.”

I met Chance “in person” for the first time after his surgery. I work a mid-shift, 2p to 12a.  Given those hours I can miss patients with early appointments and that was the case with Chance, but now here he was right in front of me, endotracheal tube still in place.   As he was taken from surgery to recover we placed a “bear hugger” on him to warm him.  Myself and my team mates would watch him and temp him hourly.  He would wake up slowly that night and by midnight he had gone out with assistance for a walk.  He was going to be okay…

Still don’t believe in second chances? We do. Take a look.

We took a chance on Chance!

I love what we do at our hospital.  The people and pets I meet are amazing. My co-workers are talented and dedicated.  Sometimes I cry from the sadness, and other days I happily send a healed pet out the door with a very grateful family. This is the nature of the Emergency and Specialty Veterinary business.  It is not always easy and wellness visits aren’t the order of the day, but I’m okay with it. When it’s good, it’s very, very good.

Coming to NorthStar and applying for Vet-i-Care’s assistance gave Mr. Brick an option he might not have had otherwise. I was thrilled for the happy ending and the new beginning.  I always am.

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