Meet the NorthStar VETS team: Gaemia Tracy, DVM

Gaemia Tracy, DVM is a doctor in the Neurology service at NorthStar VETS. In this blog post and video below, he talks about how he got into veterinary medicine, the types of cases he sees, and why he chose to work at NorthStar VETS.

How Dr. Tracy got into veterinary medicine
We caught up with Dr. Gaemia Tracy, who was running a test on one of his patients. Dr. Tracy recently joined the team at NorthStar VETS and works in the Neurology service. “I first wanted to become a veterinarian just from having a dog when I was little and going to veterinary appointments and seeing what they did with her. I watched them work with her and they let me follow them around a little bit, and that’s what piqued my interest. I ended up going for my undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania, veterinary school at Ohio State, an internship in Charlotte, North Carolina at Carolina Veterinary Specialists, and a Neurology residency in Jacksonville, Florida.”

Why Dr. Tracy came to NorthStar VETS
Dr. Tracy heard about NorthStar VETS and joined the staff here a few months ago. “NorthStar VETS is an awesome hospital! I read about it, was intrigued by the hospital design of the year award in 2012, the hospital of the year award in 2013, and just reading up on it and following it. I also know they’ve been getting good reviews here. I really like that everybody works together for the good of the pet. That’s the bottom line. Whatever is best for the pet is what everybody’s mantra is. There’s no selfishness, no egos, everything just working together to make pets and pet owners very happy.”

What veterinary Neurologists do
Dr. Tracy continued our conversation by talking about the unique expertise he brings in Neurology to NorthStar VETS. “Veterinary Neurology is about working with diseases of the brain and spinal cord. Pretty much, any pet that can’t walk correctly due to weakness or disconnect between the brain and spinal cord is what we see. We also see seizures, ataxia, and difficulty walking. We treat patients either medically or surgically.”

What makes Dr. Tracy tick
Dr. Tracy is looking forward to the chance to help you and your pets. “I just like helping animals and pet owners as well. I know that the human-animal bond has been pretty strong in my life and I like to promote it in other peoples’ lives and make their best friend happy and healthy.”

Learn more about the Neurology service at NorthStar VETS

Gaemia Tracy, DVMGaemia Tracy, DVM
Gaemia Tracy was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Tracy attended The University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts (Biology) degree. While there, he played baseball and Sprint Football. He attended The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine from 2008-2012. Immediately after graduating veterinary school, Dr. Tracy completed a rotating small animal medicine and surgery internship at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Tracy then completed a Neurology and Neurosurgery residency in Jacksonville, FL at North Florida Neurology with Dr. Andrew Hopkins and Dr. John Meeks as his mentors. Dr. Tracy completed his residency before joining Northstar VETS.

Dr. Tracy’s professional interests include IVDD, spinal surgery, management of seizures and inflammatory diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

Dr. Tracy currently lives with his wife and their two cats, DD and Bunny. In his free time, Dr. Tracy enjoys taking in any baseball game, and cheering for the Buckeyes and Steelers!

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