Canine Cancer is Treatable


I’m Dr. Jennifer Kim.  I am an veterinary oncology clinician at NorthStar VETS your 24 hour emergency pet hospital in NJ.  People often ask me why I love what I do, and I must admit it is not the reason most expect to hear.  Most people expect me to say that I enjoy fighting cancer and find cancer is interesting, which are both true.  But, the top 2 reasons why I truly find my career so wonderful is because  of the amazing relationships I develop with my clients and patients. I get to help my patients have an extended quality of life by granting them more precious moments with their companions .

Giving chemotherapy to, I need to see my patients often, sometimes weekly, and as a result I establish stronger bonds with fascinating people and their cute pets.  An example of this is Jonny Blaze and his dad, pictured here:

Jonny Blaze, an 11-yr old, Pit Bull came to me in January 2010, when I first returned to NorthStar VETS.  He was diagnosed with lymphoma and was very sick when we began treatment.  Jonny spent nearly a week in the hospital but responded to treatment positively.  Since then he has received 20 doses of chemotherapy and is doing well.

I can tell when Jonny Blaze walks in the door, what kind of week he has had and how he’ll be as a patient that day; just by the way he walks in.  He has a fan club in the hospital and when we walk into the back everyone says his name.  His owner, Mr. Wojcik, is equally special.  He never fails to put a smile on my face, he always has something nice to say and often helps counsel other clients in the waiting room.

Jonny and his dad are a perfect example of why I love my job; I get to meet the coolest pets and people and I provide extra moments in time by helping people and their loved ones stay together longer.

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