Holiday Threats for your Pets

Hi Everyone!

The other day Dr. Stobie and I were having a conversation about how information is being shared in the way we live today. How do you like to receive your information? Do you get your news from Facebook status updates, Tweets, watch the morning news or still have time to pick up the paper?

We do our very best to get information to you quickly and take advantage of multiple channels. But, this past week we thought you would be even busier with the holidays and so…we decided to make you the first NorthStar VETS Minute video so that you get the information you need to make sure your pets are safe and so that we can wish you Happy Holidays in person…(even though it’s virtual 😉

We wish you Happy Holidays and in case of emergency we are here for you and your companion 24/7. Just call us! 609.259.8300

Watch holiday threats for your pets on YouTube!

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