Gizmo is fighting for his life, and needs your help

Gizmo2On the evening of Thursday April 24, 2014, a house caught fire in Cranbury NJ. This family not only lost their home and much of what they had, but they also lost 2 of their beloved pets. Thankfully, they were able to rescue 2 of their dogs on their own and with the help of a kind-hearted Good Samaritan, they were able to save their beloved kitty, Gizmo.

Gizmo was saved, though not without injuries. Gizmo was rushed to Cranbury Animal Hospital where he was subsequently transferred to NorthStar VETS by the Cranbury First Aid Squad. They held him close, and gave him oxygen during his ride to NorthStar VETS. The Emergency / Trauma / Critical Care Department at NorthStar VETS worked hard to stabilize him and manage his burns. Gizmo is only 3 years old.

Gizmo has a little more than 20% of his body burned. Even with all these burns and in need oxygen, he still finds a way to head-butt our technicians when they enter his cage, demonstrating his fighting spirit. He is in critical condition, but the Critical Care Department is hopeful he will pull through. This will be a long road for him including numerous surgeries. This will also be a long and expensive journey for his family.

Gizmo1Thankfully, Vet I Care has donated some funds for Gizmo and is currently taking donations for his medical care. NorthStar VETS will be hosting a fundraiser together with Vet I Care in the days to come to help Gizmo and his family. Stay tuned for updates on Gizmo and the fundraiser.

To donate for Gizmo, please contact Eileen Schuck at 609-259-8300 x1153, email or visit the donation page at

Alexander Munoz, CVTAlexander Munoz, CVT
Director of Learning and Development

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