From the Client Perspective: Our Story of Caring for Our Best Friend

Christopher-LenochiEach one of our clients has a unique story to tell, but they all have a common theme: mutual love and devotion between pet and pet-parent. We received this story from clients of ours who were absolutely committed to taking care of their best friend in the same way that friend had been there for them over the years. This is the story of Christopher. It may remind you of your own story about caring for your furry best friend in their time of need. If it does, let us know in the comments below.

In May of 2010, a handsome little miniature pinscher joined our family. He came to be known as Christopher.

It didn’t take us long to see how smart, loveable and human-like Christopher was. He understood every word, especially any word starting with a “P.” He would perk right up hearing the word “pizza.” He loved riding in a car, more so if he heard “Wawa” or “Dunkin Donuts.” He became my wingman!

Christopher loved being hugged and kissed. Then he would close his eyes and hug you back. His way of talking to us was a blooping sound. On the other hand, nothing was allowed in his yard. No birds, no squirrels, not even planes could fly overhead. Chris would trot around to chase the planes away. He acted like the older brother to the other dogs, and would bark if they didn’t obey.

In July of 2014, his regular veterinarian found a problem with Christopher’s kidneys. We then took him to a veterinarian we had known for more than fourteen years, Dr. Tammy Anderson at NorthStar VETS. After tests and ultrasound, he was diagnosed with renal failure. Our hearts sank and a sick feeling came over us. Dr. Anderson told us there was no cure, but we could try to slow it down. We started fluids and changed his food to what was recommended.

Three days later, when Chris began vomiting, we took him back to NorthStar VETS. We met Dr. Nancy Vail-Archer in the Emergency department. She ran tests and diagnosed Chris as having severe pancreatitis. He was admitted and put in ICU. On Wednesday, Dr. Anderson took him back under her care. He spent five days in ICU at which time Dr. Anderson told us we could take him home. In our hearts and minds, we figured we were going to lose him then.

Christopher went on a routine of fluids every day, and bloodwork every three months to keep track of his values. We changed his food again and he never had another outbreak of pancreatitis.

Along the way, he developed eye problems. Again, we called on a veterinarian at NorthStar VETS we had known for more than fourteen years, Dr. Kristina Vygantas.

He was on numerous medications, some for the renal issue and some for his eyes. With the help, care and compassion, and the hugs and kisses, our Christoper lived another year and half.

Christopher with NorthStar VETS technician, Sabrina

Christopher with NorthStar VETS technician, Sabrina

Toward the end of December 2015, Christopher wouldn’t eat anything on his own. We could see the sparkle in his eyes fading and he couldn’t keep standing on his own.

On January 3rd, 2016, we guided Christopher to the stairs that led to doggie heaven. No more pain, no more needles. Just peace where he would forever be a pup.

With very humbled hearts, we would like to thank our family veterinarian, as well as the team at NorthStar VETS including Dr. Vail, Dr. Anderson, Dr. Vygantas and all the techs and receptionists who helped Christopher along the way. Everyone showed warmth, care and much love to our Chris. Christopher was loved to pieces and will be kept in our hearts forever.

Lorraine and Michael

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