From the Client Perspective: My Cat Needed Emergency Oral Surgery

From time to time, we share stories from the client perspective, giving insight into some of the thousands of stories that take place at NorthStar VETS every day. This is the story of Boots, who was in suddenly to have some teeth removed.

Boots at home

On behalf of Boots, I thank you for your care and direction of Boots’ needed surgery. I was glad it could take place on the same day we came in and did not get postponed to another day. Dr. Lewis called him a handsome boy. Wow, that was a precious comment!

Boots recovered nicely. No bleeding, no swelling, etc. despite being such a challenge to all, even me. I know Boots was in the back doing his utmost to give everyone a hard time, but you were absolutely right about him. He was not attacking, he was fearing his new circumstances and wanted to flee. You are very perceptive, understand pets, and are able to figure out the correct approach. That’s know-how and talent! Between Dr. Patanio and Dr. Lewis, Boots received the best care and attention.

He is back to being himself at home, minus two teeth that he certainly will not miss nor meow about. We are relieved he is well again and here with his two cat “brothers” and a cute pooch. Thank you for being there for us. Our compliments and gratitude to your team!

– Helen and Boots

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