Advice from Pet Owners Who Have Been There

If you’re like us, you look to reviews and input from others to help you make decisions. Here’s Johanna from NYC. She tells the story of her spaniel mix, Molly, who seemed a little “off” one Saturday. Being an “overprotective pet parent” as Johanna says, she called her vet who recommended a nearby veterinary hospital in NYC since it was Saturday and they were closing.

Johanna packed up Molly and took her to the local veterinary hospital only to have them do a quick overview, tell her they thought it might be cancer and they could do exploratory surgery.

In a panic, Johanna called her parents who live in Pennington, NJ. They recommended she bring Molly down and they’d all go to NorthStar VETS together. They’d heard good things about them and it seemed worth another opinion.

Johanna agreed, checked Molly out of the NYC hospital and hopped a train to Pennington where her parents took her and Molly to NorthStar VETS.

DSC_4379In Johanna’s words, “They were so nice. They checked out Molly and said they weren’t sure what was wrong, but they could do a small test to check out a lump. Dr. Anderson, the Internal Medicine Specialist, said it could be ‘anything.'” They walked Johanna and her family through everything they were doing. “They explained everything clearly and gave us a tour of the facility. I felt like they were concerned for my dog’s health and not just focused on money. We are the biggest fans of NorthStar VETS.”

Another patient left this review on our Yelp page.

“Oh my gosh, I cannot express how impressed we are with NorthStar VETS. NorthStar is remarkably service-oriented, open and collegial in tone. Patient guardians are easily able to access imaging of their pets on their home computers simply by providing their patient ID. Veterinarians work and consult side by side from easily accessible offices. The patient’s families are graciously informed throughout their animal’s care.” Via Georgette on Yelp.

If your pet has to stay overnight or for a few days for care at NorthStar VETS, we welcome you to visit your sick pet. We know you have a close relationship and being with you can help your pet feel better.

Here’s what Ryan said. “Upon entering, we were quickly met by a welcoming staff that had us fill out two papers as my wife talked to a nurse about our puppy’s ailments. Certainly contradictory to the come in, check in and ‘eventually’ be seen approach to most ERs. We were quickly checked into an exam room and waited only about 15 minutes to be seen by a veterinarian, as we were told they had 3 emergency cases before us. I saw everything from cats, dogs, and even a bird on a busy Saturday afternoon. The doctor was extremely friendly and handled our Charlie Boy with such great care.” Via Yelp.

If you’re thinking of checking us out in person, feel free to read what clients are saying about NorthStar VETS in advance of your visit on our page on Yelp, Facebook as well as on our website.

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