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Cooper and Otis

Cooper is a British Shorthair, and has the less common Type B blood that was needed to successfully treat Otis. After Cooper made his contribution, it was given to Otis, who is now back home happy and healthy. Continue reading

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NorthStar VETS Cool Case Timothy

This is the story of Timothy, a dog that came to NorthStar VETS for an innovative surgery technique to help with a kidney stone issue. Dr. Heather Knapp-Hoch and Dr. Kimberly Hammer of the Interventional Radiology team were able to make this dog more comfortable with minimal disruption to delicate tissue. Continue reading

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Visit Your Local Emergency Pet Hospital Before Your Pet Has an Emergency

By visiting your emergency veterinary hospital before an actual emergency, you will not only know how to get there, but also have a chance to meet the people who work there and understand the process of how your pet gets the very best care possible. Continue reading

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Welcome Shady to the NorthStar VETS Family

“Shady” is the newest member of our NorthStar VETS family. Considering he would be the hospital cat for our Maple Shade facility and the fact that he is a lovely smokey grey color, the client service representatives at the Maple Shade facility thought “Shady” would be perfect! All of us at NorthStar VETS who have had the chance to meet Shady have fallen in love with his fluffy fur and his sweet heart. When Shady is full-grown, he will join our blood donor program to help cats in need. Continue reading

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