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Welcome Shady to the NorthStar VETS Family

“Shady” is the newest member of our NorthStar VETS family. Considering he would be the hospital cat for our Maple Shade facility and the fact that he is a lovely smokey grey color, the client service representatives at the Maple Shade facility thought “Shady” would be perfect! All of us at NorthStar VETS who have had the chance to meet Shady have fallen in love with his fluffy fur and his sweet heart. When Shady is full-grown, he will join our blood donor program to help cats in need. Continue reading

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The Story of Oliver

After being here for more than a month, he started becoming a part of the family with his sweet temperament and affectionate nature. Many of us got attached to this adorable cat with an amazing personality, so we decided to treat him extensively for the problems he had. After much pleading from the entire staff, our Chief of Staff, Dr. Stobie, agreed to let us keep Oliver as a hospital cat and become the new mascot for NorthStar VETS. Continue reading

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A Tribute to Rob Zombie

On Sunday, June 9, 2013, we said goodbye to our beloved hospital cat, Rob Zombie. For anyone who knew him, he was a very special cat and considered a part of our NorthStar VETS family. He came to us about ten years ago after being hit by a car as a stray. We fixed him up (that’s how he came by his missing eye) and kept him as our hospital cat. Continue reading

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