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From the Client Perspective: I Feared Losing My Best Friend

He sees his family veterinarian twice a year, and on a recent visit, we received some bad news. Normal liver enzyme levels for a dog should be between five and one-hundred-thirty. Chockie’s enzyme levels were at three-thousand! Continue reading

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Feline Blood Donors Save Two Lives

NorthStar VETS Veterinary Assistant, June O’Hara, brought in her cats, Squeaker and Gandalf the Grey, to make the donations. Squeaker’s blood was taken in one room of the hospital and carried to the room where Patch needed it right away. Gandalf’s blood went to the bank, but was almost immediately taken back out to save Jasper. The need for blood from dogs, cats, and exotic pets is great and new donors are always welcome into the program! Continue reading

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