Surgery Success: Happy

Happy3Happy had been having some concerning symptoms for two months. His hind legs became clumsy, his back hunched, and he could not play. An X-ray at his family veterinarian showed multiple rare bone lesions on his spine. He was referred to NorthStar VETS where the Neurology and Radiology teams performed an MRI and noted that one of the growths was compressing the spinal cord, creating pain and weakness. Happy2It was determined that surgery was the best option, and the Neurology team used a custom 3D-printed model to plan their approach. Days later, Happy underwent a successful surgery in which the growth was removed and the spinal cord was no longer pinched. When he woke up, Happy lived up to his name, showing us his delightful personality and youthful zest for life. His recovery with the nursing team went well, and Happy loved going outside to walk around. He went home where he is expected to live a long, active, and happy life.Happy1

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