NorthStar VETS to the Rescue

It was a normal day at NorthStar VETS, (well, no two days are predictable here) when we received a phone call from our friends down the road in Jackson, NJ at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Turned out that their endoscope was not working properly, and they needed it to scope out their dolphin friend Cody who may have had a slight cold.  Of course we were happy to lend a hand; Dr. Kimberly Hammer, Internist and her technicians, Maureen and Jen packed up the equipment and hopped in the Six Flags Safari van to save the day.

Upon arrival, the NorthStar VETS gang had the opportunity to hang out and visit the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and say hello to their Veterinarian Team, their dolphin, and sea lion friends.

NorthStar VETS visits Discovery Kingdom

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