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4 Oncology cases that make this veterinarian love her job

I often get asked why I practice Oncology, and there are two reasons. One is that I can often extend good quality of life for longer than most clients realize. And the second reason is that I get to know my clients well and develop a relationship with them. These four cases show how creative thinking can help me do both for my patients. Continue reading

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When it’s your own pet

On January 1st of this year, I lost my beautiful boy. He was the dumpster diver tomcat at an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, according to legend. For some of us, saying goodbye becomes tough enough to impact our ability to move forward. If you are in that position, consider getting involved with the Bereavement service here at NorthStar VETS. Continue reading

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Canine Cancer is Treatable

My name is Jennifer Kim, DVM, the oncology clinican here at NorthStar VETS. The question I am asked most often is why do I do what I do? The simple answer is that I have the ability to provide extra moments in time with the furry companions you adore. Read on for an insiders peek at one of my favorite clients. Continue reading

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