Statement of Purpose for NorthStar VETS

The NorthStar VETS’ Why
A New Year Brings A Renewed Sense of Purpose for NorthStar VETS.

The start of a new year seems an appropriate time to reflect not only on what NorthStar VETS provides to the community, but also why we exist—our purpose.

Why we’re here for you
Dr. Kraus enjoys a cuddle with MollieNot long after our founder, Dr. Daniel Stobie, started his first job as a veterinary surgeon, he knew exactly the kind of advanced care hospital he wanted to build: one that would improve the quality of life of patients, clients, the primary care veterinarian, and staff. With his clarity of vision, NorthStar VETS has become exactly that, simply by holding true to our guiding purpose.

How we demonstrate our commitment
Each one of us walks the walk when it comes to translating this purpose into the way we do our jobs. From how you’re greeted at the front desk, to how we soothe a frightened pet, to how we use today’s most advanced treatments and techniques to keep your pet healthy—we strive at all times to deliver the highest levels of care and compassion. Why? Because we truly understand the immeasurable value that pets bring to your life. They-and you-deserve our best.

Our commitment also goes beyond the interaction we have with you and your pet. For example:

  • We followed “green” building practices when we built our facility out of respect for the land, our environment, and our community. And we designed the hospital to be a welcoming and calming place for sick or injured pets and their worried parents.
  • We formalized a set of core values that guide our day-to-day activities, and are the touchstone for everything we do-from choosing the people we hire to the charities we support.
  • We carefully designed our practice to support the primary care veterinarian, so they can thrive as partners in our shared mission to care for pets.
  • We sponsor and/or participate in over two dozen community events each year including hosting a human and pet blood drive.
  • Most importantly, we nurture our staff, ensuring they have the physical, emotional, and technological support they need to do their jobs at the highest possible level.

Caring for animals outside our own walls
NSV-rainbow1BHelping animals AND people is so ingrained in the NorthStar VETS culture that it extends beyond our day-to-day work. For example:

These are just some of the stories that demonstrate the NorthStar VETS purpose—and our passion. If you share our belief that pets improve our lives and deserve the utmost care and compassion, and if you aspire to improve the lives of those around you, then we believe we’re the animal specialty and emergency hospital for you.

We’re here for you and your pet, and we always will be.

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