Statement of Purpose for NorthStar VETS

We’ve recently taken some time to reflect on what NorthStar VETS has accomplished in the community and why we exist in the world today. We believe that sharing our purpose with you and what we stand for is important.

Why we are here for you
It wasn’t long after our founder, Dr. Daniel Stobie, started his first job as a veterinary surgeon that he knew the kind of hospital he wanted to build for his clients, patients and team. His dream was to create a tremendous positive impact on the people who were around him every day. With this clarity of vision, NorthStar VETS became a place dedicated to improving the quality of life of others. In fact, the unchanging purpose statement for NorthStar VETS is “to improve the quality of life of our patients, clients, the family veterinarian and our staff.” This has been our guiding purpose ever since.

Dr. Kraus enjoys a cuddle with MollieAccording to the AVMA, the human-animal bond is defined as “a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both.” What’s also stated in the full definition is that veterinarians exist to support the bond between animals AND people, because both are beneficial to each other.

We at NorthStar VETS know the value of the pets in your lives, believe that they are worthy of the highest levels of care and compassion, and in doing our jobs, improve their quality of life as well as everyone around us.

How we do what we do
Everything we have at NorthStar VETS, from our award-winning facility, to our outstanding team, to the level of medicine we offer, is designed to bring us the greatest success in carrying out that original purpose we still uphold, to improve the quality of life of our patients, clients, the family veterinarian and our staff. We live by our core values, which guide our decision-making as we fulfill our purpose.

NSV-rainbow1BThe practice was carefully designed in a way that was beneficial to the family veterinarian, so that they could thrive and partner with us. We designed our hospital to be as welcoming and calming as possible, because we know how tough it can be to care for a sick or injured pet. And we do everything we can to ensure that our team is comfortable and prepared to provide the level of care and service required each and every day.

What we do to improve quality of life
Helping animals AND people is what we are all about. And this has been such a central theme at our hospital, that it is completely ingrained into our culture. Take for example, Dr. Manoel Tamassia, our Theriogenologist, who traveled to Malawi, Africa with Dr. Stobie. He helped the people there by showing them how to take better care of their farm animals. Countless lives were saved as a result of that trip. Our Dentist and Oral Surgeon, Dr. John Lewis, is helping people in addition to pets as well. He partners with the pediatric surgeons at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania to put on the annual Best Friends Bash, which brings together his patients with craniofacial disease with children suffering from similar diseases. Not only does this impact the children, but is a powerful experience for the parents, pet parents and doctors involved, too. Another example is Dr. Kristina Vygantas, our Ophthalmologist. Every year, she participates in the ACVO National Service Dog Eye exams, a program designed to ensure that service, working and therapy dogs maintain good eye health through free eye exams so they can help the humans they serve in their lives.

And from day-to-day, around the clock, our team is here to serve pets and pet parents to ensure that the bonds that exist between the two stay strong. They undergo years of training, invest in the best medical tools, and continue to innovate and lead the way in our industry to make absolutely sure that pets have the best quality of life possible.

There are more such stories like those above that take place here every day because of the type of medical professionals on our team. They understand our vision and believe in our purpose, and move us toward its realization.

If you believe what we believe, that pets improve our lives and are worthy of the highest levels of care and compassion, and if you aspire to improving the lives of those around you because it is a worthwhile calling, then we are the hospital for you. We are here for you. And we always will be.

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