New Kitten Friend Fostered by NorthStar VETS Team

Meet Mr. Man, he is an approximately 4.5 week old male intact cat.  He came in as a stray that someone found 4 weeks ago.  His umbilicus was still attached so we suspect he was 1-3 days old when he came in.  Animal control could not take him because he was so young.  So Mr. Man stayed at NorthStar VETS for a week getting 24 hour care and getting bottle fed every 4 hours.  He then went home with Dr. Jennifer Kim, who has fostered many neonate kittens.  He is currently looking for a forever home in 1-2 weeks.  He is still  being weaned and learning how to use the litterbox.   His foster mom reports that he is the healthiest kitten she has raised, with a great attitude, very well socialized and gets along with other cats.

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