Meet the NorthStar VETS Team: Stacey Wylie, DVM, DACVIM

Stacey Wylie, DVM, DACVIM is a member of the Internal Medicine team at NorthStar VETS. In this blog post and video below, she talks about how she knew this was the career for her, the type of cases she sees, and how teamwork at NorthStar VETS elevates the level of medicine pets receive.

How Dr. Wylie got into Veterinary Medicine
We caught up with Dr. Wylie, who was examining a feline patient in Robbinsville. She decided to get into veterinary medicine based on her love of animals as a child. “I grew up with animals, mainly cats (I’m a cat person), but I also love dogs, and I have a dog now. I always knew I would go this route, but once I was in high school, I took a human anatomy and physiology class which solidified it. I fell in love with physiology, and I knew that that went hand in hand with medicine. For undergrad, I went to a small school in Pennsylvania right outside of Lancaster, Millersville University. I then went from there to Michigan State University for veterinary school. After that, I did an internship at Oradell Animal Hospital in New Jersey, and then after that I went back to Michigan State because I loved it so much and did my residency there. I was looking to come back home to family, so I looked up NorthStar VETS and came here to visit. I fell in love with the place right away and knew that it was the place I wanted to go. Even my husband knew right away that this was where I was going to be.”

The Types of Cases Dr. Wylie Sees
Dr. Wylie specializes in Internal Medicine and sees a wide variety of cases each week. “Internal Medicine deals with internal organs, mainly liver cases, gastrointestinal cases, bloodborne diseases, infectious diseases, kidneys, and urinary. Anything you can think of that’s not skin or outside the body is what we typically deal with.”

How Teamwork Impacts Patient Care at NorthStar VETS
Dr. Wylie joins a team of more than forty veterinarians at NorthStar VETS that cover many medical specialties. “Not only in the specialty of Internal Medicine, but also throughout the hospital, we work really well as a team. I don’t have any problem going to other services and asking them for help and vice versa. It really gives the patients good care.” Dr. Wylie is looking forward to working alongside the world class team of doctors at NorthStar VETS. “I think it comes down to the animals and the cases where we’re able to get them feeling better and actually make a difference for clients. When I feel like I’m making a difference, that is one thing I really love and we do it well.”

Learn more about the Internal Medicine service at NorthStar VETS

Stacey Wylie, DVM, DACVIMStacey Wylie, DVM, DACVIM
Dr. Stacey Wylie is a Pennsylvania native who received her undergraduate degree from Millersville University in 2009. She earned her veterinary degree from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. After graduation, she completed a small animal rotating internship at Oradell Animal Hospital in Paramus, NJ. She then returned to Michigan State University and completed a 3-year residency in small animal internal medicine in 2017, receiving Resident of the Year in both 2016 and 2017. Dr. Wylie is excited to be part of the NorthStar VETS team. She loves all things medicine, but her special interests include renal, hepatobiliary, gastrointestinal, and respiratory diseases as well as endoscopy and feline medicine.

She currently resides with her husband, their 3 cats (Aeris, Yuffie, and Leon) and adorable pittie mix (Arya). Outside of work, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, playing ice hockey and volleyball, reading, and playing video games. She is also a passionate MSU Spartan and Philadelphia Flyers fan.

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  1. Linda R Smith says:

    In August of 2017 our 7 year old. Rottie/Great Pyrenees mix was referred to Dr. Wylie by our daughter, an equine veterinarian practicing in New Jersey. He had been extremely ill, and we were afraid we were losing him. After examining Brodie Dr. Wylie explained the plan for testing and going forward to help him. Three days later hew was diagnosed with Inflamatory Bowel Disease, and given the protocol, the meds required and the name of a Veterinary Nutritionist to assist us with a balanced home cooked diet to follow. We continued contact through emails and phone conversations. We cannot tell you how appreciative we are for Dr. Wylie’s concern, knowledge and warmth. Brodie today is a happy and healthy 130 lb boy! Team Wylie Rocks!


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