2nd Annual NorthStar VETS Stashmasters are back for Movember

That’s right! The NorthStar VETS Stash Masters are back to raise “mo” money to help raise raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

They have made yet another appearance here at NorthStar VETS! So if you’re wondering why our veterinary care technicians, Stephen, Dan V., Dan B., Jim, Josh had a little more facial hair than usual, why our staff surgeons Dr. Garrett Levin, and Dr. Ben Staiger were less clean shaven, turned your head sideways while trying not to stare at our Emergency Supervisor, Dr. George Motley, and Emergency Veterinarian, Dr. Joshua Sprague, or saw some guy sporting a NorthStar VETS polo walking around fixing things with some extra scruff, (Facility Manager, Gavin) it’s all because these fellows sacrficed their handsome looks to raise money and awareness for the month formerly known as November. In our generous efforts toward the community, and other national causes November is now considered Movember at NorthStar VETS!

Before the “Mo”

Check out some of these “Mo’s” that our team has sprouted here in the hospital!

Eileen and Gavin

(from left to right) Dr. Garrett Levin, Dan Vinai, Dr. George Motley

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