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NorthStar's New Home in Robbinsville, NJ

Well it is hard for me to believe that this day is finally here. So on behalf of the entire NorthStar VETS team, it is with great pride, joy and relief , that I announce our new hospital is officially open for business.  It is hard to believe that a lifelong dream and the concept for this new hospital that we embarked on almost 6 yrs ago is today a reality.  This is a surreal moment for me.

The day started off with lots of excitement and some anxiety, as we put the finishing touches on the set up of the building and our first patients and emergencies arrived.

Mickey is our 1st Canine Patient at our New Hospital!

For the most part things went off without a hitch, except for a few bugs with the computer and phone systems.  We still have some unpacking to do and placement of some non – essential items, but I am happy to report that we are now FULLY OPERATIONAL. We transported our remaining patients from the old hospital to the new hospital and everyone is settled in nicely.  I want to

Lexi is our 1st Feline patient at our new hospital!

thank the entire NorthStar VETS team for their hard work, extra hours, patience, and the CAN DO attitude that they always have, that got us here today.  They’re the best veterinary staff on the planet.

We invite you to stop by any time for a tour of our new facility.  We are extremely proud of it and anxious to show it off.

This new hospital is one of the few of its kind in the world, and will allow us to continue our commitment to providing the most advanced level of veterinary care available today.  In addition to all of our existing services, we are adding a full service laboratory, CT scanner, Fluoroscopy, MRI, Interventional radiology suite, Dental Suite, Avian and Exotics ward, chemotherapy room, Micro lab, separate GI and respiratory isolation wards, comprehensive physical therapy room with underwater treadmill, and an animal blood bank to supply the much needed blood products for animals in the central NJ region. We will be adding the specialties of dentistry, neurology, behavior, anesthesia, and sports medicine. Our critical care ward and our talented ICU staff will allow us to perform mechanical ventilation and dialysis therapy for pets – only place in NJ!  Our multimedia conference room on second floor will allow us to continue our commitment to teaching, learning and continuing education for veterinarians, technicians, and the public through our lecture series, wet labs, and pet first aid classes.  The hospital will also provide us the much needed space to facilitate our recent partnerships with pet health companies for clinical trials and studies of new drugs, vaccines, therapies, and the like.  The hospital also caters to our pets and pet owners with comfortable waiting areas with free wifi so they can stay connected or work while they are here, a kids play area, and a family room that provides a comfortable space for clients to visit their pets while they are hospitalized. All areas are stocked with refreshments.  Our ICU and recovery areas have radiant heat in the floor and heated cages so those patients stay nice and warm while they recover , and we even have a covered dog walking area with artificial turf  for our canine patients so they can still go outside for a walk in inclement weather.  The I 131 ward has picture windows to allow the cats to look outside while they are boarding with us, and for their owners to visit them safely from outside of the building. The holding time for I131 cats has been reduced for 4 days to 3 days now.  WE HAVE THE SHORTEST HOLDING TIME OF ANY VETERINARY HOSPITAL FOR I 131 HYPERTHYROID CATS.

In addition to the latest medical technology we have created an environmentally friendly building using Green Energy Technology. The heating and  cooling system for the entire building is provided via Geothermal, eliminating the need for electricity and fossil fuels.  We have provided lots of windows and light tubes as well as light sensors to cut down on our need for artificial light.  This boosts the morale of our staff and helps our patients heal faster.  We have future plans for a green roof over the dog ward and solar panels, which will make us completely free of traditional energy.

So while we now have this beautiful building to work in, we must always remember that it is not the building that defines us, but rather the people that work here and the principles they stand for that does.  Our team has built our practice and its excellent reputation on  our core values of excellence, service, compassion, teamwork, and professionalism.  This building is merely the icing on the cake.

We know we would not be here today with out all of the love, trust and support of our families, friends, referring veterinarians, colleagues, vendors, business partners, clients, and most importantly our patients. Everyone has contributed to our success in some way whether you referred cases, entrusted us with your pet’s care or provided a word of support or encouragement. You have all shared in this journey with us and we want you to know that our hospital is YOUR hospital.

I have so many people to thank today and I hope I will not forget anyone:

1)    first God, or the higher power whose plan always works out better than the one I

envisioned.  We had many disappointments and set backs along the way but this always resulted in a better outcome than we could have hoped for

2)    Twp, Admin, and people of Robbinsville who welcomed us with open arms and have been extremely helpful and supportive during this whole process – specifically Mr. Corby , Tim McGough, Mayor Fried and Ron Witt Jr.

3)    Architects – Jeff ,Martina and Sivani for designing this beautiful building

4)    Engineers – Geoff Brown and Steve Atkins

5)    Our Attorney, Rich Tilton – approvals, contracts, etc

6)    Andy Aager and the team at The Bank for providing financing

7)    Peter Brittain and the team of Coast for all the site work and beautiful landscaping

8)    Sweetwater Construction for building this amazing facility and specifically, Kevin, Staff, and most of all Wayne – who was here every day and is an amazing DJ!

9)    All of the trades – tile, paint, carpenters, sheet rock, plumber, flooring, electricians, can do attitude – you should be proud of your work

10) All of our referring veterinarians who support us and fuel our growth, we truly value our relationships with you and appreciate your confidence in us

11) Pet owners who entrust us with their beloved companions

12) All of the animals, our patients, who we have helped along the way.They give us so much joy and make this career very interesting and rewarding.  They may the best out of every situation and live in today.. We humans have a lot to learn from them as they don’t judge, gossip, hold grudges, or worry.

13) My parents for always believing in me, and supporting me and telling me I could do or be anything I wanted as long as I worked hard and did the right thing

14) My 3 kids – Brandon, Ethan and Julia, who make it all worthwhile and teach me more everyday than I could ever teach them.  My partner Charles for always supporting me and putting up with all the long hours,  and for giving up his career to take care of our family so I could pursue mine.

15) Nicole for all of her efforts and organizing our opening event

16) Gavin, Chris and Ryan for being out here almost daily to help oversee things and get everything put together,  I appreciate all the extra hours and hard work you have put in

17) The amazing staff of technicians, receptionists, administrators, management, and doctors of NSV who work tirelessly day and night and have made the practice what it is today and earned it is excellent reputation. Without your efforts and hard work and sacrifice we wouldn’t be here today.  You guys are awesome and I marvel daily at the talented group of people we have working at NorthStar.  Not only are they amazing medically but they are great people.  I hope you all enjoy your new home

18)  I specifically want to thank George Motley, Tammy Anderson, Kim Hammer for picking up many of my admin duties ; Joan Fisher who kept the office running smoothly in Brie’s and my absence, and our talented surgeons, Dr. Joy Weinstein, Dr. Laurie Culbert, and Dr. Garrett Levin  for picking up the slack so I could focus on the building project.  I appreciate all of your extra efforts.

19) The transition committee Drs. LoScrudato, Groman, Anderson, Levin, Motely, and Heather, Rose, Brie, Jen Diehl and Eileen for preparing, organizing and overseeing the move.  You all have done a great job.

20) And last but certainly not least, a huge and heart felt thanks to Brie Messier, our hospital administrator, who has spear headed and overseen every step of the building project- from building permits, to financing, to contracts, to loan documents, insurance, design meetings, utility companies, the list is endless.  She has put her heart and soul into this project for the last 2 yrs and we would still have a hole in the ground if it wasn’t for her leadership,attentiveness, and project management skills.  She sets the bar high and motivates us all to achieve our goals. .

WE look forward to being here and serving the public and veterinary community for many years to come

At your Service,

Dr. Dan Stobie

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