Robbinsville Mayor Recognizes NorthStar VETS Milestones

Dr. Stobie gives speech at anniversary ceremonySpring 2015 represented two very big anniversary dates for NorthStar VETS. April marked the fifteen-year anniversary of the hospital, while May represented the four-year anniversary of the opening the 33,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Robbinsville, NJ. As the team at NorthStar VETS looks forward to more big milestones like the opening of its first satellite location in Maple Shade, New Jersey, taking a moment to look back and recognize this occasion and what it represents to us and the community was important.

Robbinsville Mayor, David Fried, recognizes NorthStar VETS anniversaryAt the anniversary celebration, NorthStar VETS staff, clients, vendors and community representatives came together to mark the occasion. Dr. Stobie remarked during his speech, “We have loved being a part of this town, it’s been an unbelievable blessing. Robbinsville has been great to us and we certainly enjoy being a part of the community and giving back.” Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried said in his speech, “I run into so many people, and they all tell me stories about how you helped this pet, and saved that pet. As mayor, these stories have helped me understand the kind of impact you’ve had on our community, and not just in Robbinsville, but in the surrounding communities. It’s been heartwarming for me to hear that all of the time.” He then went on to say, “You know, we’re recognized for three big things here in Robbinsville: Amazon, NorthStar VETS and softball! I am thankful you chose our community to place your business and your trust and we’re thrilled to have you here.”

Mercer County Sheriff's Officer and K-9 partner attended the eventTwo of our guests were Officer David Smithson of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department and his K-9 partner, Maverick. Officer Smithson had this to say to mark the day, “Being that all of our K-9 officers live in Mercer County, having access to NorthStar VETS, all of its resources, and hours of operation is important. We’ve been here at all hours of the day and night with our dogs, which has been valuable.”

In attendance were two very good clients of ours, Angelina Ruggierio and Judy Troy. Angelina remarked, “NorthStar VETS is extremely important to us because our pet is like our child. To have a facility with top-notch doctors and amazing staff so close to our home gives us great comfort each and every day.”


Dr. Stobie poses with clients

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