Pet Owner Preparation for Hurricane Irene NJ

New Jersey made it through the Snowpocalypse,  recently survived a 5.8 Earthquake and now we are preparing to brave the Category 2 storm: Hurricane Irene, scheduled to arrive on Sunday Morning!

Around here at NorthStar everyone has been moving and shaking gathering the necessary supplies and developing contingency plans to get ready for the first Category 2 storm to hit New Jersey.  I must say in 2010-11 our Jersyans have gotten quite a sampling of  natural disasters from the 3 ft. snow storms, funnel clouds in Jackson, Earthquake and now a Category 2 hurricane.  Through all of these weather adventures NorthStar VETS has ALWAYS remained open to care for and receive your pets.  Our team is prepared to stay over night to make sure all bases are covered.  We never close!

In addition to Pet Owner Preparation, we’ve taken the liberty of finding this useful link to the TOP 10 Hurricane Tips for you and your family:

Hurricane Irene 2011

We are also very fortunate to have the NJ State Veterinarian, Manoel Tamassia, DVM, MS, PhD, DACT and NorthStar VETS (Theriogenologist aka Small Animal Reproduction Specialist) as  part of our team.  Last night he wrote this e-mail to help pet owners in New Jersey prepare for what could be a devastating storm, complete with links to PDF resources to help you out:


I would like to call attention to pet owners to review their emergency plans and prepare for high winds and flooding. I cannot stress enough the importance of pre-planning, making emergency decisions, before a disaster strikes. The New Jersey Department of Agriculture has developed recommendations for pet and livestock owners to implement before the emergency or disaster strikes, I urge all animal owners to become familiar with them and apply them before hurricane Irene arrives.

You can find more information on the following sites;

Be prepared, and remember:
Noah didn’t build the ark after the rain

At your service,

Dr. Tamassia

Everyone please be safe and prepared and remember NorthStar VETS is open and here to help!

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