Pet Loss Support Coach Talks About The Grieving Process

Hello to everyone!  My name is Gina Schneller and I am a Technician at NorthStarVETS as well as the Pet Loss and Bereavement Coach.  I love my job, my patients and our clients.  Over the years I have made many friends and met some amazing people with interesting stories.  We all have one thing in common though, we love our pets!

What words do you use to explain what your pet means to you?  I feel that most pet owners feel that their pets are not just animals, but they are our children.  In fact, I have many four legged kids!  Each one is unique and special in their own way!  Pet owners have an almost unspoken bond with their pets.  If we are depressed, one look into our dog’s or cat’s eyes gives us comfort.  A cat’s purr can calm the soul, relax you at night and help you sleep.  They give us strength to push on; they give us hope when we want to give up!  They can be your companion, soul mate and true friend.

Chase, Derby and Gina

Gina with Chase and Derby from the Trenton Thunder

Does this bond end with their death?  No!  I feel that we don’t understand just how strong and influential they are until they have passed on.  This is part of their purpose or what I like to call, their mission.  Life can give us many challenges, and emotions such as pain, grief and fear.  One thing is for sure, if we can hold on to the love and courage that our pets gave us while they were here in physical form, then their mission and life does not fade away!  Live your life to the fullest, take a deep breath and push on for them, The main goal in their short time with us was to make us smile, to love life and to be happy!

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