Bear Sighting at 24 Hour Veterinary Emergency Hospital NJ

You know, at NorthStar VETS we welcome all kinds the furry, the feathered, the scaled, even lions, tigers and bears….Oh My! I’m only kidding! We love all animals here and apparently they love us too!  On Sunday afternoon, we received an unexpected visit from a very big 400-500 lbs. neighbor.

Some might have mistaken him for a very large dog but at a closer glance one would notice that it was in fact a 400-500 lbs bear meandering around the NorthStar VETS parking lot.

The bear walked the parameters of our 33,000 square foot hospital in the early afternoon before deciding to climb the 200-250 year old Copper Beach tree in the front of the hospital for a long snooze.

He/She didn’t bother anyone, just trotted around the parking lot like he owned the place.

I assume that with all of the recent construction and clear-cutting the bear must have been wandering around in search of a place to catch some Zzzz’s.  (Either that or he was just plain scared of the very excited NorthStar VETS clients who were snapping photos with their iPhones and Androids.  In fact, maybe he was just so startled that he decided to escape by climbing up one of the six trees 200-250 year old trees that we reconstructed our parking lot for in order to save and just knew that this spot would be a  safe place to lay his/her head down to rest.

Our friend stayed through the evening, and if he comes back to visit again, we will have to give him/her a good name!

People were excited and had their mobile phones and cameras out to snap a shot of the bear as he enjoyed his afternoon slumber in the tree. Chief of Staff, Dr. Daniel Stobie, and other NorthStar VETS team members took a moment to step outside to see all of the excitement.

Even ABC Action News Stopped By, Check Out the Video:

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