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The team at NorthStar VETS is doing innovative and amazing things every day as they work to advance the level of care available to your pet. This is a new series of posts to be shared highlighting cool cases at NorthStar VETS and the types of things done to save pets and improve their quality of life. These are cases using innovative and cutting-edge medical techniques, and/or stories of pets beating the odds. Watch the doctor tell you the story in their own words via the video below. This is the story of K-9 Officer Bear, a German Shepherd that came to NorthStar VETS for an innovative new surgery technique to prevent bloat. Dr. Jason Coggeshall of the Surgery team was able to quickly get this working dog back on the job.

Learn more about the Surgery service at NorthStar VETS.

Jason Coggeshall, DVMJason Coggeshall, DVM
Dr. Coggeshall is a Maryland native with a passion for veterinary surgery, research and teaching. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland and his doctorate in veterinary medicine at Tuskegee University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Coggeshall completed internships at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center and Iowa State University. He also completed a Comparative Orthopedic Research fellowship at the University of Florida. Dr. Coggeshall completed the first year of his surgical residency at the Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and the subsequent two years at the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, PA. Dr. Coggeshall has a strong interest in clinical research, orthopedic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and trauma surgery.

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