Meet the NorthStar VETS team: Amanda Joslin, DVM, DACVO

Dr. Amanda Joslin is a Veterinary Ophthalmologist at NorthStar VETS. In this blog post and video, she talks about how her father inspired her to get into veterinary medicine, the types of cases she sees, and what she loves about working at NorthStar VETS.

Dr. Joslin’s Path to Veterinary Medicine
We caught up with Dr. Joslin, who was checking on a patient. Dr. Joslin is a doctor in the Ophthalmology service at NorthStar VETS and her father originally inspired her to become a veterinarian. “My dad is a veterinarian in South Jersey. Ever since I was a child I knew that I just loved animals. I love being around them and love helping them. I did kennel work, I did blood work, I helped to hold animals during procedures, and I’ve truly spent my whole life around animals.”

“I went to undergrad at the University of Delaware and then I went to veterinary school at Oklahoma State University. I did my rotating and ophthalmology specialty internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York City, and then I recently completed my residency at Cornell University. I came back to NorthStar VETS because during my fourth year of veterinary school, I did a preceptor here with Dr. Vygantas. I really liked the environment, the people, and it’s definitely the area I love.”

The Types of Cases Dr. Joslin Sees
The Ophthalmologists at NorthStar VETS see a wide variety of patients and cases. “We see dogs most commonly here and they are the bulk of our caseload. There are a lot of dogs that have diabetes, or develop cataracts, so we do a lot of cataract surgery pretty routinely to help them get their vision back after they’re blind from that. We see a lot of cats, too, that have different eye issues, and then less commonly rabbits, which can also get eye issues.” Cataract surgeries can often result in a quick and major improvement in a patient’s eyesight. “The first patient on which I performed cataract surgery was at Cornell during my residency. It was a very small, little Yorkie. We did surgery in both eyes. The pet parents were obviously very nice and very compassionate and very optimistic that their dog would do well. We’re always optimistic that they’ll be in the successful group. We did the surgery at Cornell. They stay there a few days longer than here, which is overnight. When we brought the patient back into the room to see its family, I had never seen such an excited dog in my entire life! Everything was wiggling, they were so happy, jumped right into the client’s arms and pretended like they never met me.”

What Dr. Joslin Loves about NorthStar VETS
Dr. Joslin has only been at NorthStar VETS a short time, but she already enjoys working alongside the team here. “NorthStar VETS just has a great group of people working here. Ever since I started, which was kind of recently, everyone has been very supportive, very helpful, and I can ask a question of anyone who is walking by, even if they’re on their way to do something else. I’ve found this group of people to be very welcoming and very helpful.”

Learn more about the Ophthalmology service at NorthStar VETS.

Amanda Joslin, DVM, DACVO
Amanda-JoslinDr. Joslin is a graduate of Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She completed a rotating small animal medicine and surgery and specialty ophthalmology internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. She then went on to complete her ophthalmology residency at Cornell University in 2018. Dr. Joslin became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists in 2018. Her special interests include cataract surgery, the retina, and exotic animals.

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