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Hello World!

Welcome to the official NorthStar VETS blog.  Your 24 hour veterinary emergency center in NJ.   I’ll be your hostess Nicole, NorthStar’s marketing guru.  Over here the NorthStar team of doctors, technicians, and admin chat about pets …A LOT! Our doctors will share an insider’s glimpse of what a day at a 24 hour veterinary emergency hospital in NJ can entail.  It can be very much like ER, or Grey’s Anatomy here, except unlike these hit television shows, our days are very real and our patients are primarily companion animals: dogs, cats, birds, lizards, bunnies, and believe it or not we have even seen a penguin in our treatment room!

We frequently publish new posts and feature the latest news in veterinary medicine, what’s beyond closed doors at NorthStar VETS, as well as useful information on cool things to do with your pets.  After all, we pride ourselves in leading the way.

But enough about me and NorthStar VETS, this blog was created for YOU!  Our goal is that you will be mildly entertained, and receive a wealth of knowledge in exchange for your time here.

And I hope that you’ll stop by again, or perhaps share this finding with others. Did I mention that I love to share?

Speaking of sharing…that’s me and Rogue just 1 of 3 dogs I have. Siberian Husky Football(Did I mention that we’re pet lovers over here?)

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