Marketing a 24 Hour Veterinary Emergency Hospital in NJ

Hi everyone, its your hostess, Nicole. I am just shy of my two-year anniversary at NorthStar VETS.  Looking back I remember stumbling across this job opening. It was actually titled “Client Relations Liaison.” My college degree says PR/Journalism/Communications, and my talent, well that was TBD. I must admit that when I applied for the position, I was not quite sure what Specialty Medicine for Pets could be.  Quite frankly, I remember searching the website for answers, and seeing a bunch of veterinary medical jargon that I could by no means decipher without the help of Wikipedia and Google.  I remember thinking, if I don’t understand this, than there is a real good chance that many others don’t either.  That was my first mental note, and my first thought to initiate a change, that would be reader friendly to my Bi-lingual Grandmother.  I knew if she could understand it at first glance than so could my 12 year-old brother.  That’s was my first line of business as I drew up my faux marketing plan to present 2 weeks after meeting with Dr. Stobie and Brie.    My second was client service;  I relate client service to places I go…don’t you?  For instance, I truly love how Target calls their customers (sounds blah!) BUT– Guests :) (happy face, exclamation point!)  Talk about taking it to the next level!   Further, most people HATE taking their car into get worked on.  Let’s face it, it’s usually over your monthly budget, completely unexpected, you have to leave work early to make the service hours, (the list goes on and on).  But when I go to Infiniti I can show up after my work day has ended, valet my vehicle, and pick up a brand new Infiniti to drive home and go to work the next morning, while they work on my car.  Then to top it off when I pick up my car (after my work day) they completely detail it (I don’t even have to ask), offer me something to eat or drink and still bring up my car as if I was some kind of celebrity.  To sum it up, I’ll never leave Infiniti, they have gained my trust, and loyalty because they show they care.  And yes, I pay a little bit more than most, but guess what?  I’m willing to pay that because I know the job will get done right, and I know they will take care of me.

This is how I feel about NorthStar VETS, as a team member and as a pet owner.  You see I have visited other specialty centers as a pet owner, I have been a client, a guest and a customer.  I expect a certain level of care, treatment and compassion.  All of which everyone here strives to do. So 3 interviews later I joined the team not knowing the impact that this decision would have on my professional career and personal life experience.  Needless to say, I wear many fun hats here: Client Relations, Public Relations, Graphics, Social Media Guru, Blogger, Event Planning Extraordinaire lol or in short, the Marketing Director who sees over all communication of NorthStar VETS.

NorthStar VETS quickly and literally became my guiding light. Working at NorthStar VETS has always been unpredictable.  One day I could be up in admin and the next you might find me at a Dog Yappy Hour or Bark at the Park. There rarely is a dull moment at a 24-hour emergency vet hospital, especially at NorthStar VETS.

Today, I am on a mission to educate as many pet owners as possible about knowing where to turn when they are faced with an emergency situation with their pet.

I still can’t believe how far NorthStar has come.  I will celebrate my two-year anniversary here in June and can remember just looking at the building plans.  The next thing you know we were planning a Groundbreaking Ceremony, then a movie night at the Drive-In, and eventually, the Red Carpet Ribbon Cutting Gala that we held on Saturday.  Our biggest turnout yet!  My RSVP list totaled 575 but by show time the total was more like 800 people in attendance.  At one point I looked around in awe of the fans and supporters that came to see our new hospital and share in our celebration. The look on Dr. Stobie and Brie’s face was one of “We Did It!”  Well, we did!  Everyone at NorthStar VETS…did.

For the last three days the entire team has been running around packing, moving, unpacking and organizing.  Today I am writing this on the beginning of a new chapter not only in veterinary medicine but also for NorthStar VETS.  For the last two years we were rising, today NorthStar VETS has risen.

At NorthStar VETS we operate under strict core values (you can read them on our website) but, we also have taken on a new perspective that caters to not only the pet but also you; the pet owner.  With so many choices in front of you, we welcome you to experience the difference at NorthStar VETS, 315 Robbinsville-Allentown Rd, Robbinsville, NJ 08691.

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